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Welcome and thank you for visiting. Revitalize Studio has moved to Three Pines Center at 1305 Radford Street in Christiansburg and is in the process of restructuring. Classes are not being held at this time, but we hope to do that in the not too distant future. Massage Therapy is being offered by myself, Debbie, at Three Pines Center. Please call for appointment.

Movement of the body is essential for wellness. Whether that movement is initiated by the body itself, actively, or passively by another person, as in massage therapy, the intent is to keep the energy of the body flowing. This aids the body in keeping itself well, nourishing our cells with oxygen and fluids, and carrying away the waste products that are created. For some of the specific benefits of massage in particular, see the Benefits of Massage page. Many of these benefits are achieved by yoga and movement/fitness also. 

Let me help you on your journey of movement through life. I will be adding more information and info on classes and seminars soon...we are starting a new chapter! For now, schedule a massage - chair or table!

I look forward to seeing you soon! Again, thanks for visiting online! 









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